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Emotion Variance Analyzer – Ajax Intel

Emotion Variance Analyzer (EVA)

Ajax’s Emotion Variance Analyzer (EVA) integrates with a CRM system, associates every email with a positive or negative score, and turns unused client data into live insights for advisors. This advanced text-mining tool quantifies relationships and gets smarter as more data is fed into it.

With the evolution of technology and artificial intelligence, financial advisors can utilize their customer touch points  to help them serve their customers more efficiently, save more time and money. We use Natural language processing and machine learning to deliver key customer pain-points and strategies for advisors to enhance their customer engagement.

How Does it Work?

Our in-house Natural Language Processing algorithm is trained to recognize sentiments. When client emails pass through our AJAX Sentiment Lexicons, words, phrases, and sentences are tagged as positive or negative.

Immediate Benefits:

  • Uncover sentiment patterns that show client behavior to increase satisfaction.
  • Identify at-risk clients to easily prevent the loss of revenue.
  • Increase manager productivity by allocating time, energy, and resources to the right clients.


Deploy Descriptive analytics to uncover insights about client behavior and emotional mood over a period of time.

  • Sentiment analysis: Text-mining of client emails and text data to classify mood patterns. Use word order and placement to associate with client behavior.
  • Optimization: Implement algorithms on the data to build models that allocates optimal time, money, and resources to serve specific clients.
  • Implementation process: the tool will be installed and deployed at the User’s site and connect to the in-house Email Database.


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